Access to DEEP Datasets

Completed DEEP datasets will be deposited in the European Genome-Phenome Archive (EGA) repository.

In line with IHEC policy (Jan 2013) there will be two categories:

 Open Access Datasets 

Controlled Access Datasets

Disease Pathology/general sample characteristics (metadata)

  • Histological subtype
  • Gender
  • Age range

Gene expression (RNA-/smRNA-seq)

  • processed data (e.g. bigwig, bed)

Methylation marks

  • processed data (e.g. bigwig, bed)

Histone modifications

  • processed data (e.g. bigwig, bed)


Detailed Phenotype and Clinical (meta)data

Raw genotype data

Genome sequence files (e.g. bam-files)

Regulating and controlling data access is not the responsibility of the EGA. For each dataset that requires access control, there has to be a corresponding Data Access Committee which determines access permissions. All submissions made to the EGA must be affiliated to a DAC. The DAC should consist of one or more named individuals, which are responsible for making the data access decisions for the data to which the DAC is affiliated.

How to apply for DEEP Controlled Access Datasets

To receive access to controlled data of the “Deutsches Epigenom Programm - DEEP” the full set of application forms listed below must be completed and sent by email to datarequest(at)

Applications for access to data can be submitted at any time. The DEEP Data Access Committee (DEEP DAC) will review applications on a rolling basis and aim to provide a decision within 20 days of receipt. The application will be checked for conformity with the goals and policies of the International Human Epigenome Consortium IHEC (see supporting document).

Upon acceptance, access to Controlled Access Data will be granted for a one-year period, starting from the date of acceptance. If your application is refused it remains possible to re-apply in the future.
A renewal application must be completed to prolong access the Controlled Access Data beyond the one-year period.
Names, institutions and lay summaries of all applicants having been granted access to DEEP Controlled Access Data will be made available on a public registry after the end of the granted one-year period.

Application forms:

Supporting document: