German Rheumatism Research Center Berlin

The DRFZ (director: A. Radbruch), an institute of the Leibniz association, is among the leading international institutes in the field of immunology, experimental rheumatology and rheumatism epidemiology. Autoimmune diseases, cellular immunology and immunoregulation as well as health care research are investigated in close cooperation with institutions of the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

Our group is predominantly active in two major fields:

  • Immunoregulation and tolerance with a special view on regulatory T cells, investigating their induction, function and the epigenetic regulation of their master transcription factor Foxp3.
  • Epigenetic mechanisms that are involved in the regulation of functional properties of differentiated memory cells.  We assume that epigenetics play a significant role in the acquisition and especially the fixation of polarized properties such as organ-specific homing patterns, capacity to produce selected cytokines, or the susceptibility to signals regulating activation or survival.

Principal Investigator

  • Photo of Prof. Dr. Alf Hamann
  • Prof. Dr. Alf Hamann
  • Senior group leader
  • Chariteplatz 1, 10117 Berlin, Germany
  • Tel: +49 3028460655
  • Fax: +49 3028460656

Additional Team Members

  • Dr. Julia Polansky-Biskup
  • Tel: +49 3028460729
  • Fax: +49 3028460656
  • Role in the project: Postdoc / coordinator
  • Dr. Pawel Durek
  • Tel: +49 3028460701
  • Fax: +49 3028460656
  • Role in the project: Bioinformatics
  • Rene Maier
  • Tel: +49 3084454548
  • Fax: +49 3084454582
  • Role in the project: Technician

Associated members

    Dr. Uta Syrbe
  • Medical Department I, Charité
    Prof. Dr. Birgit Sawitzki
  • Institute for Medical Immunology, Charité
    PD. Dr. Andreas Pascher
  • Department of General, Visceral, Vascular and Thoracic Surgery, Charité
    Dr. Hyun-Dong Chang (Radbruch-Lab)
  • DRFZ