QIAGEN is a German biotechnology company which has a long history of leading the field in cutting edge sample and assay technologies.  One of QIAGEN’s more recent interests has been focused on providing methods for the analysis of epigenetic markers. For this purpose QIAGEN now offers a broad portfolio of products to analyse histone modifications (e.g. EpiTect ChIP 1 Day Kit) and DNA methylation (e.g. EpiTect bisulfite kits). Very recently QIAGEN acquired Intelligent BioSystems Inc. and now is planning to launch in 2013 the benchtop sequencing system for the deep sequencing analysis of up to 20 samples in parallel.

Our group is situated in the RD department at the QIAGEN headquarters in Hilden (Germany) and is responsible for the development of research products for the epigenetic and next generation sequencing market. As an associated member of the consortium we will be especially involved in the DEEP subproject “SP2-1 DNA methylation and DNAseI mapping”. Here we will help to develop standardized methods like accelerated bisulfite conversion of gDNA and target gene enrichment for subsequent deep sequencing. QIAGEN aims also to provide to the whole consortium techniques to quality control sample material and next generation sequencing grade libraries. We are also interested to accompany and support the development of new methods within the consortium aiming e.g. to simplify the detection and mapping of new epigenetic markers like 5-hydroxymethylcytosine.

Principal Investigator

  • Dr. Peter Hahn
  • Senior Scientist – R&D
  • Qiagen Str. 1, 40724 Hilden, Germany
  • Tel: +49 21032916174