Welcome to DEEP

The German epigenome programme ‘DEEP’ (2012 – 2017) is an interdisciplinary research network.

DEEP will contribute innovative epigenome research data to IHEC, the ‘International Human Epigenome Consortium’ by generating and interpreting up to 80 reference epigenomes of selected human cells and tissues.

DEEP focuses on the analysis of cells connected to complex diseases with high socio-economic impact: metabolic diseases such as steatosis and adipositas as well as inflammatory diseases of the joints and the intestine. DEEPs goal is to generate high end data for comprehensive biomedical interpretation of healthy and diseased cells. With this DEEP will contribute to discover new functional epigenetic links useful for clinical diagnosis, therapy and health risk prevention. All data generated will be made publically available and will be integrated into a sustainable world wide data structure comprised by the IHEC initiative.


Please take a look at selected publications originating from the DEEP research endeavor.

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RnBeads is an R package for comprehensive analysis of DNA methylation data obtained with any experimental protocol that provides single-CpG resolution.

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deepTools: a flexible platform for exploring deep-sequencing data.

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